Buck’s started in a small garage across from the Big Freeport Indian. It was cold in the winter (loyal customers used to wait in their cars to stay warm!) and hotter than Memphis in the summer, but our authentic dry-rubbed…or as we call it ‘Naked’ slow cooked BBQ was a hit. We relocated to an 8800 square foot building up the road in Freeport in 2008 with fingers crossed and high hopes. Rounding out our menu in 2008 with steaks and fish, along with having live music and a kid's play area sealed the deal.

None of this could have happened without the incredible staff we’ve enjoyed over the past 19+ years; they are hard-working, dedicated, and hilarious people who we are madly in love with! Please come join us for BBQ, some laughs and we’ll do our best to make you smile! Cheers and Good Juju to you all!